Applications for support are invited from persons who are desirous of training (whether at an educational establishment or otherwise) in livestock auctioneering and/or rural estate management and who were born in Scotland or the Counties of Cumbria or Northumberland, or who are (or whose parents or guardians are) at the time of the award resident in any of these places.

Applications can be made at anytime of year although the deadline for an application in any year is the 31st November. Informal interviews are generally held in Carlisle in mid December each year to fit with holiday periods. Please give any periods of time around that time of year when you would be unable to attend for an interview.


Please send the completed application form to:

The Dick Harrison Trust
Secretary - Mr T. Parsons
Borderway, Rosehill, Carlisle CA1 2RS

The Dick Harrison Trust has a Privacy Policy and a Data Retention Policy which set out how your personal data will be treated under the General data Protection Regulations.


  1. I have been offered a place with a local college to study farming. Do you think I should apply for funds from the trust?
    I am sorry but your application would be outside the bounds of the trust. Unfortunately we can only support training or education in livestock auctioneering or rural estate management.
  2. I have been asked to provide a reference for an applicant. I have not written a reference for a Trust before, what should I write about?
    Yes this is a bit of an unusual one. Because we are a charity, the trustees are not making judgments on the candidate’s character or ability. We can tell from the application and interview whether they fit the bounds of the trust in terms of geography and the nature of their course and their intended career. What we need help with is in assessing the candidates “need”. The trustees realise that it may be unusual to ask for this sort of information, but we must be assured that all other conditions being equal, that we are directing the funds in our care, to the most appropriate candidate.
  3. I am completing my final year at Cirencester, studying Land Agency and would like to apply to the Dick Harrison Trust. I am concerned that since I worked for a firm in competition with Harrison & Hetherington, my application will not be considered.
    Please go ahead and make an application and we will consider it. It is not a problem that you have worked for a competitor of Harrison and Hetherington. Although Dick Harrison was Managing Director and Chairman of Harrison and Hetherington, the Dick Harrison Trust is completely separate from the company.
  4. A friend of mine has received an award and I am on the same course. However, I wish to pursue a career in nature conservation as opposed to land agency, should I apply?
    No, I am sorry, the boundaries of the Trust are such that only students intent on progressing into livestock auctioneering or rural estate management can be the beneficiaries of the Trust.